Women's Caps

While there’s no doubt that all our caps are unisex & suitable for every one of us, we’ve selected a few styles of women’s Cap that we think really compliment the female face. Why not treat your Big Boy or Bakerboy like a Beret and slope the material to one side for a timeless look.

At Laird, we spend time sourcing the finest quality cloths for our caps from both the British Isles and further afield. From Austrian Loden to traditional tweeds like Lovat, Donegal and Harris, you can be sure our women’s caps always look and feel second to none.
The artistry involved in making a classic cap is no less than one of our hats. We take immense pride in the construction of a Laird Cap and not one leaves the workshop until it has been checked by one of our Master Hatters – only then is the Laird copper stud applied by hand.