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Welcome to Laird London

Laird Hatters are hat and cap makers. We have four London Hat Shops and one Cambridge Hat Shop. All of our hats and caps are hand-made, using traditional hat-making techniques. Our online presence offers a broad selection of the best of Classic Hats from the last hundred years. These are traditional hat and cap styles, made in contemporary cloths and colours.

At Laird, we hand make hats and caps of distinction for both men and women, and are passionate about sourcing the best British cloths, and supporting British textile manufacturing. A Laird hat evokes a rich English and Scottish and Irish heritage, with modern, contemporary look cloths. The great fabric finishes and rich colour palettes make our headwear stand out, as well as the wonderful craftsmanship. Our look is slick, with strong lines, deep colours and bold statements.

For the best of headwear we keep in stock, in-store and online, the Trilby Hat, Homburg Hat, Fedora Hat, Bowler Hat, Top Hat, Porkpie Hat, Panama Hats, Summer Hats and Winter Hats. We stock a variety of unisex hats as well as men’s hats and women’s hats.

In caps, we stock Bakerboy caps, Flat caps, Bond caps, Brooklyn Caps, Deerstalkers, Engineer Caps, Wax Caps, Duckbill Caps, Shooting Caps, Summer Caps, Winter Caps, Men’s Caps, Women’s Caps, Beanie Hats and ever popular Mariner Caps.

These are the original vintage hats and caps, in that the process of making hasn’t changed much since the Edwardian period. The biggest revolution in hat-making happened in the 60’s with the advent of electricity rather than gas to power the hat presses.

We ship all over the world. We hope you enjoy your experience and know you will love your Laird Hat or Cap.

Happy shopping!