Sustainability At Laird Hatters

February 7, 2020

There is a lot in the current news about sustainability and recycling. Here at Laird we don’t make hats out of recycled water bottles and we don’t make caps out of reclaimed cotton y-fronts. We believe in the old fashioned definition of sustainable; we use English and Scottish mills, producing quality cloth from local wool, then we hand-make to last a lifetime.

Our Eco credentials are founded on buying locally. Our relationships are long and enduring. From the very beginning our bags have been made from recycled paper from an English supplier.

Cap linings are sewn and quilted within the realms of this sceptred isle. We sew our caps in Hertfordshire, before whisking them the short journey to London (south) and Cambridge (north) of our workshop.

We offer our customers a repair service to enhance product longevity, And yes we also  wash out and recycle our marmite jars!