Men's Hats

Laird Hatters started with Men’s Hats, and is arguably what we specialise in. Many of our styles are Classic Hats from the Trilby Hat and Fedora to the Bowler, Porkpie Hat and Top Hat.

What we try and do at Laird, is take those classic styles, which haven’t really changed much in decades, and use fabric, colour and texture to create a truly beautiful and contemporary Hat.

Our Signature hat, for example, is a classic 1930’s Trilby shape; but we use vibrant colours like Charcoal, Teal, Scarlet, Chocolate. Then we add texture using a luxurious suede finish furfelt to add shine and depth of colour, as well as feel and shape. Never forget that hats are as much about feel and touch as they are about the look.

Formal Hats can be modern too and have made a huge resurgence. Our Homburg Hat has been ever popular. This is truly a grand hat from a bygone age returned. As ever, we have redefined this classic, developing our own Laird Homburg in 4 striking shades, Black, Navy, Brown and Light Grey. As Grand and formal as the hat is, it is all about balance and subtlety; the nuance between, crown and brim, bow and brim-binding.

Peruse at you leisure and we hope you enjoy our offering, which are all exclusively designed, developed and made by Laird Hatters.