Formal Hats

For when the occasion demands something more special, Laird has a splendid selection of formal hats for  most.  Whether it’s a wedding, the Royal Enclosure at Ascot, Remembrance Day parade, or just a smarter more distinguished look that you seek, we have a good selection available.

Synonymous with all that is British Headwear, formal hats are the true classics.
Laird has developed its own collection of these heritage hats – the Top Hat, the Homburg and the Bowler, in a variety of finishes – The Melusine, long hair rabbit fur, combed and waxed to a ‘supersilky’ finish. The pale grey, smooth Furfelt and the hardy black Wool felt. All our Formal hats are made with traditional methods, luxury felts and stiffened to stand the test of time. From Ascot to Weddings to the perfect accessory for that sharp new suit – the Laird Formal collection has it all.