Brooklyn Cap

This is one of our bestselling caps. It has great panelling features, but it is close fitted and a fabulous fit. A contemporary shape which suits modern, pared-down living.  We make this shape every season in a selection of cloths and colours, so that you can grow a cap collection!

In 1860, the Brooklyn Excelsiors wore the ancestor of the modern, rounded-top baseball cap, and by 1900, the “Brooklyn style” cap became popular. Based on an 8 Piece construction with a button top, the Brooklyn was different to the English Bakerboy style as it was narrower, more oval shaped with a curved peak. They come in winter wool, linen and Raw Silk as well leather.

The Brooklyn has become a staple of the cap styles, becoming as synonymous in the U.S. at the beginning of the 20th century as the flat cap was in England. Of course, now, the modern Baseball cap has taken over, but never forget that this was the original and not so dissimilar in construction. The Brooklyn crown is 8-piece, stitched to the edge, whereas the baseball is a 6-piece but unstitched.

In the States, the bakerboy does exist but known as the ‘Newsboy’ cap, or at time ‘Redford’, so famous for wearing one is he, in films like the Sting.

The Brooklyn cap today is very popular with the vintage scene, particularly the 50s look when the Brooklyn was very popular. David Beckham is rarely seen without one these days.