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Stylist: Sarah Marie Collins - 07870 992338. Band: Pippa Marias 

Welcome, Bienvenue! Welkommen! Good day to you, Sir! Madam, what a delight!

We are Laird London, the Cap and Hat shop, selling the aforesaid to discerning folk. As an independent cap and hat shop, you can enjoy our individual style - each shop is quite unique, which offers an antidote to the usual retail experience. The quality of our headwear is crucial to all that we do, and it is most definitely in the elite class! We want you to also be set apart by our stylish wares.  


We stock a wide variety of mens and ladies hats and caps of a classic nature - in contemporary cloths as well as a few newer styles. Our cap and hat shop stocks basic hat styles are Fedora, Trilby, Homburg, Bowler and, of course a few Top Hat styles. In the cap range we stock the Baker Boy in various diameters, the Flat cap, including the Italian, softer version, and the American style Brooklyn. All in beautiful top quality tweeds and wools (and in the summer in wonderful lightweight linens). We also stock the old English Bond cap. Among the selection there are more modern and more relaxed styles: the Mariner, Workers cap, Duck Bill, and Trapper. We also stock the American Baseball cap, albeit in an attractive tweed and suede, of course.


To compliment our hats we also offer some additional accessories (cufflinks, vintage scarves, watches, gloves and sunglasses), which offer timeless elegance, quality and appeal. 


Happy perusal, and do not hesitate to contact us should you require a more personalised experience. 



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star rating"The Laird London is a great hat shop with an interesting selection.....they are definitely worth checking out..."


" thanks. wonderful hat - great fit." Andy P.  


"great swift service" Joanne D